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Black Magic, White Magic, Voodoo,
Pagan Magic,  Love Magic, Hoodoo 
with guaranteed results 100%.
Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

My name is Georgiy and I am a professional psychic and healer.
I’ll be glad if this page would help in any way.
( My office is located in St. Petersburg).

I was born a Psychic,Witch and raised in Russia,
where I lived all of my adult life.

I am a sorcerer in 6 generations.

Viber., Whatsapp., Phone.,
8 or +7 981793-26-81
SKYPE Magiavud
with 14 up to 04.00


Hi my name is George V..
I am now 34 years. I spend techniques and helps clients with 16 years. Magic, witchcraft taught me, the great-grandmother of 12 years. After the death of her great-grandmother, my mother continued to teach and transfer knowledge. The whole family through the female line many generations worked magic and help people. I'm psychic, witch in my work I use black magic, love magic, white magic, pagan Russian magic, voodoo magic. Gift and knowledge psychic witch pagan magic, black magic, love magic, white magic, I had inherited from his family. Magic Voodoo i studied. I have received the knowledge and dedication of 20 years on the island of Haiti. He taught me a powerful voodoo shaman. Education Santeria and Palo Mayombo i started at 21 years old on Liberty Island of Cuba. I try to do my job as quickly as possible and do everything possible that the client would get the result as quickly as possible from the psychic, shamanic work.
I help my clients no matter where the customer is located. In its work, and for all the work that i spend at a distance (remote) i give a 100% guarantee.
Real professional assistance to its customers regardless of the place of the customer's location. Guaranteed Results. High-quality care at a distance. I work remotely no matter where you are. Conditions of reception and remote operation.


Some of our services include:

Psychic vision- we will help you find lost people, things, cars; re-unification of family, put a spell on a cheating spouse (spell is made on the photo and the cheating person is not capable of performing), we will help you remove non marriage spell, removal of an evil eye,

money spells, love spells, curses, hexes, fidelity spell, curse removal spell, health spell, success spell, healing the majority of illnesses.
We’ll help you resolve most of your family issues, readings.
Luck spells.
Fast wait loss without painful diets. If you do not have an opportunity to visit our office, although want to use our services; or you live in a different city or country, you can
e-mail us:
elit.str-m@ya.ru your photos, names and birthdates
(all information about you and the other person).
If you do not have the picture of the person you want to influence, but you know the birth date and name, the work would cost you a little more.
You also need to describe the situation, what would you like to happen and how fast do you need it to happen. We will reply to you either we would be able to help and how much would the cost be. If you are satisfied with the conditions, we would send you a bill for our services.
We guarantee results. We will give you a full refund if we are not capable of completing a job
(although we had never encounter such a problem). We won’t stat the job if we cannot complete it.
Also we cure drug addictions, alcoholism, fertility problems and serious diseases like cancer at the beginning stage.

Viber. Whatsapp. Phone +79817932681 with 14 up to 04.00
Skype. magiavud

Voodoo or Black or White magic would help you resolve the majority of the problems in only couple visits, family reunification, improving family relationships, help restoring love connections, restrict cheating spouses, removal of love spells, removal of imposed illnesses.
(without the knowledge of the addicted/ sick person).
The resolution of the majority of problems 100% guaranteed.


We work in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Office Hours: 2pm-4am, 7 days a week. These are not a free services. We charge for our work depending on the complexity of the work. We give you a 100% guarantees. If you are located outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, please e-mail us your requests along with picture, birth dates and the description of current problem . We will send you an answer with the cost. If you are satisfied with the respond, we would send you a bill. We give you 100% guarantees on the services we perform. If we can’t do it, we won’t take the job. Viber., Whatsapp., Phone 8 or +7 981793-26-81 SKYPE Magiavud with 14 up to 04.00