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Pagan magic. Voodoo.
Black magic. love magic. White magic.

I am a strong witch. My name is George V.. I am a sorcerer in 6 generations.
His gift and skill in black magic, white magic, pagan magic, I got the female line from the grandmother and mother of.
Magic Voodoo I studied and received his knowledge, dedication to the 20 years in Haiti, an island off the strong voodoo shaman. Santeria and Palo Mayombo I trained at 21 on Liberty Island of Cuba. I work and accept clients in St. Petersburg for more than 15 years. Experience the professionalism of streaming method is not working. The individual method of working with each new client. Experience at a distance of more than 10 years. I work at a distance if you do not have an opportunity to get to my office. You can get my services remotely.


  • List of the services I provide. Love spell, return favorite, powerful spell, spell husband, spell wife return relationship, the return of love, sex spell, his wife back, spell sexual orientation, spell people with different sexual orientation, assistance to non-traditional sexual orientation spell Gaia spell lesbian, gay love spell , spell naturalization to Gaia, black spell, white, spell, spell voodoo unit for sex with a man, power to have sex with a woman, the removal of damage, removing the evil eye, curse removal, removal of negative impacts, removal of love spell. Lapel, conspiracy to separation, getting rid of the rival or competitor, conspiracy to separation. Damage to the death, damage to disease, damage, damage to the human devastation, damage to ruin the company, getting rid of the competition, the ruin of the company, the ruin of a rival. Managing human submission, zombies. Production of protective amulets from any magical effects. Making protection. PLOT FOR SLIMMING DIET WITHOUT agonizing.

  • The plot is on the money, the plot for good luck, the plot on the progress in the work, the plot is on the promotion of the career ladder, the plot good luck in business. Love spell on

  • money spell for good luck, love spell on progress in work, love spell on moving up the career ladder, spell for success in business.

  • Installing Mayachka the attractiveness and sexuality.

  • You become a passionate object of desire for the other, you want to, want to see you as a drug for the other.

  • Installation work on the attraction of the other sex.

  • Installation work on sexuality and little interest in the other sex.

  • Installation work on the rapid attraction of love relationships.

  • You become a passionate object of desire for the other, you want to, want to see you as a drug for the other.

  • Setting the plot for a quick finding of men.

  • Setting the plot for a quick determination of women.

  • Description and prices look on another page. The plot is on the money, great experience. Professional help.

  • Achieving results, even in the most severe cases.

  • Guaranteed Results.

  • I spend methods in St. Petersburg. Quality care at a distance

  • I work remotely no matter where you are.

Conditions of reception and remote operation:

If you do a spell or another job. To work you must have a photo of a man, you want to bewitch, and your photo. It is also possible to work if there is: Last name day month year of birth and the city where you live and your man over whom you want to do this or that action. For telecommuting send me the data on

E-mail: elit.str-m@ya.ru or

My phone. Viber. Whatsapp +7 (981) 793-26-81

Skype. magiavud

I look over the situation and undertake to tell whether or not and how much it will cost. How to pay for my services

My phone. Viber. Whatsapp
+7 (981) 793-26-81
Skype. magiavud
Mail: elit.str-m@ya.ru